About ABS

ABS has three (3) strategic competencies, starting with expert knowledge and experience in the CPG industry, with a specific focus on beverages. ABS has a business team with over 150 cumulative years of CPG experience. Our Executive Team members come from beverage companies such as PepsiCo, National Beverage, Nestle, and Smucker’s. Additionally, we have team members from P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Clorox, and Newell/Rubbermaid. ABS has significant knowledge about the CPG industry, as well as the Food / Drug / Mass / Convenient / Club / Dollar channels, across several product categories.

Next, ABS was founded on our ability to develop concepts, products, and brands based on solid retail strategies. Some of our concepts are created with the assistance of companies like Imbibe, who are experts in beverages. Most of the products ABS develops are based on project partnerships with retailers, like Safeway. However, ABS has also developed its own brands that are offered to retailers.

Lastly, the most essential service ABS offers is the relationships we have with a wide array of suppliers and manufacturing entities. The core of our success is the way ABS employs a variable cost model into the manufacturing process, which means we can generally offer preferred pricing to businesses that would otherwise pay higher prices. Since we are only using a tolling fee for the manufacturing process, we can generally deliver a better cost because we eliminate most of the overhead associated with large scale manufacturing companies.

When it all comes together, ABS offers lower costs, reduced risks, and increased revenues. We pride ourselves in adding value across the entire development process and supply chain, which sets us apart from other companies.

ABS Benefits

  • ABS has been in business for over 10 years.
  • The company provides products across many CPG categories with a core competency in Beverages and an emphasis in value and "better for you products".
  • ABS has long-term and well established supply relationships with most of the major retailers.
  • ABS has very strong relationships with supply chain raw material providers and 3rd party manufacturing companies.

  • ABS utilizes a variable cost structure to insure a low cost position.
  • ABS excels in smaller projects that larger more inflexible supplies decline.
  • We focus on volume and lower margins to maintain our value position with retailer own brands and ABS company assets.
  • ABS believes in complete transparency with our customers where we view our relationship more as a partnership than a "Buy & Sell" situation.

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